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Volume 4, Issue I
It is my pleasure to introduce Mike Osborne, the newest addition to our staff. (See the new guy's picture on the back) Mike has the dual responsibility of handling house account sales along with pricing some of our jobs. He has worked in the printing industry all of his adult life, in a variety of roles and capacities, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our staff. We feel very fortunate to have him on board. If you have any questions about an estimate and can't reach your salesperson or myself, please call Mike on our toll free number at 1-800-291-2610.
We will soon be installing a DSL line and a web server to enable us to have more control of our site and allow larger files to be downloaded via the web. Once this is accomplished, look for a more interactive web site than we currently have. Our goal is to update the web site on a regular basis with fun and educational information. This means that we will all be changing our email addresses sometime in the future. We will keep you posted.

I would like to remind you of our digital capabilities. We are able to provide banners and signs in a variety of digital formats including our digital "D" prints. These posters are laser printed directly onto Kodak paper and look just like an enlarged photograph. So please remember us then you have very small quantity printing needs that require digital printing.

Finally, to all our wonderful friends, customers, and vendors, thank you all for your continued support throughout the year. And best wishes for a prosperous and happy millennium!

Jim Tewell

In an extraordinary move this past January, Congress voted overwhelmingly to create a new regulatory government agency, the US Department of Advertising Regulation (USDAR). The bill, pushed quietly through Congress without debate, was expected to be signed into law on April 1st. Pundits on Capitol Hill were quick to condemn the secrecy that surrounded passage of the bill and the manner in which it was shielded from the public. "This is a sham, a Constitutional aberration," stated Representative Jimmy Robbins (Rep.) from Idaho. "The American public, especially those whose livelihood is the printing industry, will not take this lying down. "One Senate staff member, predicting massive legal battles ahead, stated that the mere creation of this agency would constitute "an attack on the First Amendment and the free enterprise system like none other before!" The newly formed agency will regulate all forms of advertising, particularly the printed media, for content, design, color, placement, fees, and posting time limits. All advertising will be required to have government permits and approvals. Predicted one Senate staffer, "This will be a virtual lockdown on the runaway advertising that has gone unabated for the last sixty years. We've become a nation of coast-to-coast banners and pressure sensitive labels, a landscape of signs, flags, pennant strings and bumper stickers. It's time the
government stepped in. "House Representative David Smith (Ind.) of S. Dakota, who sponsored the bill, says he was pushed to the limits while driving past Mount Rushmore and noticing a huge bottle of Dristan nasal spray sticking out of George Washington's nose. The bottle, operated by hydraulic pumps, was actually shooting a fine white mist into the nostril, some of which then showered down on people lined along the observation deck below. "That did it," said Smith. "Two months ago a bank hung a banner across Lincoln's forehead advertising free blenders at Lincoln Savings and
The Father of Our Country will no longer suffer from sinus congestion.

...continued on page three, if you can take much more.
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