Web Surfing
Here are a few fun web sites when you
have spare time...

www.mixme.com Audio e-mail greetings that allow you to personalize the greeting by inserting your friends' names. Some are quite funny. Cartoon characters yell out the name of your friend and then make fun of his or her hair or wardrobe when they download the greeting. Hey, what could be funnier than that?

www.cartalk.com This us a favorite national Public Radio show hosted by Click & Clack the Tappet brothers. The web site is almost as funny as the radio show and it's not just for motor heads; both men and women of all ages enjoy the show.

www.groovycandies.com Ever have a longing for your favorite childhood candy like a Sky Bar or Nik-L-Nips or Sugar Lips or Candy Buttons? Check out this site. Groovy Candies buys and repackages hard-to-find candy from the 60's then resells them to the consumer via mail order. They make a great gift item. You'll also need to stock up on toothpaste.

www.rollercoaster.com For you roller coaster freaks, this is the site. Statistics, ratings, locations, pictures, coaster accidents, chat rooms, and historical facts. The ultimate site for the ultimate thrill rides. (Hint: Three of the top four rated coasters are at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. I've personally seen the number one rated Magnum coaster from the bottom looking up, twenty-one stories tall. I never want to see it from the top looking down.) And as I write this, Cedar Point is in the midst of completing Millennium Force, another world's tallest and fastest coaster.

Since opening 1888, with a steam powered carousel as its first ride, Geauga Lake Amusement Park in Aurora, Ohio has been thrilling one generation after another for the past 112 years. A blend of old fashioned wooden coasters, smells of cotton candy and taffy, and the calliope music which fills the air, the park is a favorite childhood memory for the many thousands who have passed through its gates. It was recently taken over by Six Flags, a national park chain, who promises to keep the nostalgia while adding many top rate attractions to the existing theme. With the emphasis on upscale and clean, the takeover and makeover promises to continue this park's heritage as a fun place to go. Keep it in mind if you're in the Northeast Ohio area.

Q: What line count should I expect on screen printed and litho printed banners?
A: Depending on the design, substrate and size the screen printing line count should be between 35-50: litho should be between 85-100.
Q: How long does a banner last outside vs. inside?
A: Depending on amount of sun exposure, litho banners will start fading in about 3 months and screened banners will start fading in about 12-24 months. The substrate is anouther story; Generally speaking, the heavier the stock, the longer it will last in normal weather. A banner hung inside will last a very long time (maybe 5 years) as long as it is not exposed to sunlight.
Q: When should I order screen printed banners vs. litho printed banners?
A: Generally speaking when the quantity is above 1200-1500 for a 6' x 4' banner or under and the substrate is on poly or paper, it makes sense to order litho. Of course, it depends again on how & where you will be using the banner. If you want longevity, then you may want screen printing on PRV.
Q: If I'm having the ropes sewn into the banner, why do I need grommets in the corners?
A: You don't. However, the grommet not only acts as a place to tie a rope, but it also acts as a way of locking in the corner threads to keep them from un-raveling. It really depends on how long you wnat the banner to last before it starts to fall apart. If your hanging a banner indoors, maybe you don't need hems at all - just grommets; we can always supply loose rope with your banners.
Q: Are wind vents necessary when hanging a banner outside?
A: Only if you don't want the banner to fall apart or blow away. In very windy areas, or during times when there is a high wind, the vents help the wind pass through the banner instead of pulling so hard on the ropes.
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