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8-color Heidelberg C.D. press
The new 8-color Heidelberg C.D. press is in it's 2nd year of operation. This press and the technology built into it are changing the way litho printing is produced.
One of the key features of this press is that it allows us to print with "hybrid" inks. Hybrid ink is essentially a combination of conventional and UV inks.
These inks allow us to dry between towers with UV curing thereby greatly enhancing trapping and gloss capabilities.
Some other advantages of this press are:
  • Ability to "spot" clearcoat in-line
  • Prints on paper and plastics up to .040 thick
  • Automatic plate setters (speeds up make-ready substantially)
  • Image Reader (scans the approved sheet - 160,000 readings on a 28" x 40" sheet and automatically makes adjustments to ensure that all sheets within the run match the approved sheet)
  • Press speeds up to 15,000 impressions per hour (nearly twice as fast as older presses)
  • Computer to Plate technology (ensures a cleaner dot and exact register)

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